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Dr Mary Stirrat gave birth to a baby boy on Friday 22nd April. Both mother and baby are both doing well. Dr Stirrat will now be on maternity leave until January 2023 with Dr Gail Osprey covering most of Dr Stirrat's days while she is off. 

Patients responsibilities

  1. Patients should attend their appointments at the arranged time. If this is onlinehealthcarenot possible, they should inform the practice as soon as possible.
  2. We expect that patients understand that appointments are for one person only. Additional appointments should be made as appropriate.
  3. Patients are responsible for their own health, and the health of their children, and should co-operate with the practice in endeavouring to keep themselves healthy. We give professional help and advice – please act on it!
  4. All samples must be handed in before 12 noon.
  5. Home visits should only be requested for patients who are seriously ill or housebound. It is important to bear in mind that most medical problems are dealt with more effectively in the clinical setting of a well equipped surgery or hospital. Home visits are made at the doctor’s discretion.
  6. Many problems can be solved by advice alone, therefore patients should not always expect a prescription. 
  7. We ask that patients treat the staff and doctors with courtesy and respect. Bear in mind that reception staff have a very difficult job to do and they are trying to do their  best for you. 

Children - Consent to treatment

Young people under the age of 16 can consent to medical treatment if they have sufficient maturity and judgement to enable them fully to understand what is proposed. Please ask at the reception desk if you require further information. 

Zero tolerance policy

This practice considers aggressive behaviour to be any personal, abusive and aggressive comments, cursing and/or swearing, physical abuse and aggressive gestures. No abuse of staff is acceptable, whether verbal or physical. All abuse will be reported to the Practice Manager, who will log all incidents. All physical abuse of any of our staff is reported to the police. The patient will then be removed immediately from our list. [The health authority will inform the patient of the need to register with a new practice. In these circumstances, the doctors are still obliged to see the patient for emergency treatment for the next seven days.]

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